Monday, April 14, 2008

Very Important Stuff

Each and every bit of this pile is very important. Yep it's a pile of rusty jewelery, "LOL". If you know me well you will know how excited I get when I find something rusty or old. I'm sure some of you can relate to the fact that we may walk down the street with our heads or eyes, or both, down, as not to miss the treasures left behind by others,, a flattened rusty bottle cap, an old coin, a sleeper bolt(Kelsey), a zipper pull (Jen), old numbers on telegraph poles(oop's got to look up for them LOL).
During our Sydney trip, we were taxied around by Sally, from Delish Designs and Mindy from Blue Eye Dezines
Thanks girls. They were very obliging and on the Thursday we went on a treasure hunt, to the suburb of Alexandria(I think), where, thanks to Judy, who told Jenny we found the best jewelery supply place ever. I think we could of been there for 2 or so hours, but it was worth it. Birds, jump rings (all shapes and colors), wire, my rusty stash and a $100 lighter I left, a bit grubby (had to rummage to find the best rust) but bursting with creative ideas for my bits. So hopefully I will get the time to create and share real soon.


Jen Crossley said...

Im proud of you Audrey Your My apprentice rust buyer I have trained you well grasshopper

Sam Marshall said...

Lovely, Audrey. Can't wait to see your new, rusty creations.

Judy said...

You got away lightly.
Isnt it great there - i think i forgot to warn jen about becoming a grub - never wear white - lol.