Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nearly Forgot my Password

it's been that long.
I really don't know how those that blog regularly keep it up. Oh' well,,,, Been doing a little creating of late, not a lot though. The last couple of days I have had a little creator's block, you know how it goes. Have so many things under construction that I really could finish. (trying not to use the 'should' word, (it's supposed to be a more positive, less pressure way to say could, all the same to me though,,,, LOL)).
Anyway just thought I would pop on here while the spag bol is simmering.

Happy Birthday this week to my two Gemini friends, for earlier this week Kelsey and Jenny.

Scraptivate's latest newsletter is now out, click Here to view it.
We have these great paper mache trunks in three different sizes and paper mache pots and I got to alter them as my DT project.

Well the spaghetti is well and truly cooked.

Sending Love
Have a great weekend.