Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back Again

Suprise,,,, 2 posts in 1 weekend and you never know there may even be another, while I've have some time to myself.

Some more sharing.
Suz from Aussie Scrap asked me a little while back if I'd share with them a project done in the white tones, I'm so addicted to, using product available from them. I was the lucky last for this year in thier 'Trends Post', shared on Mondays.
Click Here to take a look and read. You'll have to scroll through the great eye candy of the 'Weekend's Inspiration', but that shouldn't be hard.

7 Gypsies Photo Stand

I've been meaning to start this project for a while now and have also been wanting to get back into my scrapbooking and this seem like a good way to start. I completed the front and the inside will be a work in progress. It will consist of small layouts approx A5 size. I used the 7 Gypsies Journal Pages – Antiquarian as a base for these pages. I did have to trim down the sides a fraction to fit into the 7 Gypsies 5”x7” Vertical Refills. So I'll try and share a layout each time I do one.

Here's the first few to kick it off.

I thought it would be nice to mix a few quotes amongst the pages as well.

Thought I'd share how I painted the metal pieces. The ones used in project are by Tim Holtz.
I just use normal acrylic paint, I use about 3 to 4 coats and add heat with the heat gun in-between coats to set it. I only recommend this for pieces that are not going to be knocked or touched often.

Once its dry I take to the piece with some sand paper and a blunt craft knife to expose the words and the edges.

Here to expose the raised surface.

Sand and scrape as much or as little as you like.

Happy Creating
Audrey x

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Once Upon a Vintage Christmas

Hopefully this will give you a little inspiration for the weekend.

Australian Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft magazine published my Christmas project for this year, with instructions. Thanks guys, the photos look awsome. It's now available.

As you can see I'm still hooked on white, vintage white and I'll share some other projects I've been working on lately, done in the same tones. Along with some 'How - to's' to go along with them.

Back soon
Happy Creating

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still Here

Well as I always say 'Time Flies'. I've had the longest break from blogging, ever. Life has been full in those three months.
We've had all the usual family gatherings - Birthdays, school sports, new additions (a puppy in this case), school holiday activities and the unusual, in this case I was such a proud Mum of Liam as one of the short films he was involved in was shown at the cinema, the Paradiso Perth.

My creative mojo took a long break and is slowly returning. So I hope to share more real soon.
There's been lots of thinking and soul searching...
You know what I've missed over the last year or so?? - my 'soul food', my Art for Art Sake. I had stopped creating 'just because'. I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this.
The realisation came about July and was well and truly cemented in the last few weeks. I truly believe the universe works in wonderful ways.
I'd been asked to create some kits for a group of beautiful ladies who had a small retreat/camp organised in July. I created the kits and a week prior to the retreat I decided that I needed a break and if there was a spare spot I would join the ladies and teach the class on the Friday night. Well lucky me, Kaye the lady who organises camp welcomed me with open arms and what a weekend. This camp was organised to a T. The company of beautiful like minded ladies was the best thing, everyone was lovely and I got to spend some quality girl time with a bunch of my favourite Busselton girls ;0)
The food was just divine and OMGosh!! we just seemed to eat and eat and eat (not complaining here though LOL)
The moment I drove off the main highway onto the road leading to camp, it was like a weight was lifted. Driving through the hilly green surrounds was instant relaxation, I knew no matter how busy I was and how much work there was waiting at home I'd made the right decision to go.

I joined the girls, unpacked the most important things first, my tote and creative supplies, found our sleeping arrangements and guess what? I got to sleep with my favourite Busselton girls too,,,, well sleep near them. The accommodation was very clean and comfortable and that's all I need, we spent most of the time in a bright roomy hall creating to our hearts content. I loved every minute of it.
I arrived on Friday afternoon and come Sunday afternoon when it was time to go home I wanted to tie myself to the table - I didn't want to leave LOL
Along with creating your own things, there was small classes to participate in if you wished also,,,,I'm a terrible student,,, I'm sure it's the perfectionist in me,,, but I rarely finish class projects. I did get a couple finished. These classes are taught by some of the girls who attend, who actually take the time to create a project at home and then share it at camp, there was a little kit provided for each project and lots of ideas shared, thanks so much girls.

Here's a couple I managed to finish :O)

Kaye's Card

Maxine's Card

Felicity's Card

The surroundings and scenery was perfect, the sunsets sublime. All these re-afirming that I should take a breath and slow down.

For those of you that know me and how I create will know it takes me forever to get the mojo going when I sit to create and another reason why I wanted to tie myself to the table and not leave on Sunday afternoon was I was in the flow. :0)
So this little project is a work in progress, under construction. But here's some sneak peeks,

And some shots of the Art Book the girls created in the class.

Lucky for me I'm returning for the next camp in a couple of weeks and I can't wait.

I'm looking forward to adding to the project I started last time and you never know, I might surprise myself and finish. I'm so looking forward to catching up with all the girls for a fun filled weekend.
Until next time friends and followers, remember your health is your wealth. Take the time to look after yourself.
Happy Creating

Audrey xx