Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just popping in to say Hi!!

It's Sunday evening here and all is quiet in the house, Rick and Locky are out and Liam is up stairs, I can hear the occasional roar of some computer game he's playing but other than that all is quiet. I'm surrounded by my ever faithful pets.

Shadow, who's insisting on sitting on my lap and is demanding I put my arm down from typing at the keyboard so he has a pillow to rest his head on.

Tom, who was practically sitting on the keyboard 5mins ago, right in front of the monitor, making it very hard to type. I've fed him now so he's happy on the floor.

And beautiful old Pippy who I adore and is never far from my side, she's snoring her head off on her beanbag next to me.

Not to much creating this week, thought I'd share this though, it's my Art Tree, I'm still working on it and have been for a while, one of those projects 'For Art Sake', so it gets shoved to the side often. It's was inspired by the talented Jenny, when I seen the one she created.

Jenny also inspired me to make some birds nest, this has now caused a little obsession with me atm (thanks Jen) :0), wire work, I can't get enough of it, especially bird cages.
This is one of my earlier ones, which was a class at Scraptivate a couple of weeks ago.

Well typing is getting a little hard as Shadow is still insisting on been loved and wants my arm, yes I've tried to get rid of him but anyone who owns a cat will know how insistent they can be,,,

Sending Love
Audrey xx

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I know,,'It's been 10days since my last post'. :0)

Where is the time going??? Gosh.
Thought I better pop in and share.
This month's newsletter for Helmar is out, so go over and check it out.
My project this month was inspired by my friend Viv and a little gift she gave me some time back.

I love the vivid colours she uses in her art, blues especially, as blue is my favorite colour.

Love the two tone weave.

Got carried away with the silver embossing powder :0)

Love Helmar's 2 step Crackle.

Take Care

Monday, November 3, 2008

All Hallows Eve

At Scraptivate, we had a Halloween themed crop night on Friday night. What a laugh.
Vicki, Jenny and a nice witch, just very ugly, check out the warts,,LOL (another use for double sided tape).

Jen, Julie and that witch again.

A vampire doing a little retail therapy.

They even went out in public,,, LOL (to get dinner).

That poor ugly witch got dragged out with them. (she didn't need to much persuading though).

The Vamp's Charlene and Julie. (Julie won 'Best Dressed').

Charlene and Shelly.

Miss Puss'n'Boots, Mel.

Judith and Karen, down to business.

along with Maureen (on the hard stuff, diet coke,,LOL)

Witchy Poo, Jenny,,,, 'I'm melting, I'm melting'.

Witchy Poo Audrey.

Off to a Melbourne cup luncheon now will be back soon to share some creating.

Sending Love
Audrey x