Monday, June 29, 2009

Between Posts

Well that nasty Flu bug hit our house last week (just your common winter flu,,,,)yuck. Locky spent the whole week off school and Rick spent half the week off work. Not nice at all. And lucky me,,,(not) I picked up a cold,, of some sort,,,this week, nasty at night at the moment,,, can't stop coughing.
But we've just got to soldier on hey?? No time for Mum to get sick in the house,, LOL

So last week was a challenge, with sick boys in the house, classes to teach and kits to organize, but,,, the show must go on 'as they say'.

Max and I had a lovely little class at Scrapbook Central on Wednesday night where we taught this

We have another one there tomorrow night.

There is some spots left in this one if you wish to book, call Scrapbook Central on 9301 1200. You make 6 cards and 6 gift cards in the class, so we work you hard, with great results. :0)
And this one there on Saturday (click on the image to make it bigger)

This one is beautiful and you will learn a heap of techniques you can use on other projects. You also construct the storage box from scratch. The box is ideal for Cuttlebug storage file pages, an album or much more.

We had a day out on Friday in Rockingham at Made with Memories, these classes are always so much fun, we did three in one day.
A Technique Book

A layout

And Cards

We spent Saturday at Tomorrows Memories and I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was so relaxing and what a laugh.
Here's what we made
The Butterfly Frame in the morning

And this one in the afternoon.
Technique based and very messy, but fun, there wasn't a clean hand in the room.

We are back at Tomorrows Memories next week also with this class

You can choose either colour.

I hope I've managed to inspire you a little. There's nothing better than some creating time, as I always say 'food for the soul'. I hope you get some time to yourself real soon.

Stay safe and happy creating


Saturday, June 20, 2009

I love Collage

And that's what the 2 new kits are all about in the store front to the left.

'Soar Canvas', it measures 10cm x 10cm and is made using a thick edge canvas. The cost of this one is a little dearer because of the width of the canvas and Australia Post charges.

And this one, 7cm x 7cm art box.

Full instructions with pictures are provided for both kits.


Friday, June 19, 2009

A quick Share

What a week, I have to thank the universe though,,, I've had a great week and choc o block full of creativity. It's been a while since I've had a rush of creativity, that I had to grab a pen and paper to jot the ideas down, you know, mid one project, another comes to mind. I love it!! Will share some peek asap.

Here's a project from a little while back, it was part of an article of Scrapbook Creations about Glitter. Now those that know me, know I hate Glitter. Yep !! Hate it.
Well,,,, I hate working with it, but love the look of it. So it's a Love,,,, Hate, Hate, hate, relationship. LOL

It's a little hard to tell in the photo but both sides of the piece have glitter on it and the chipboard letter also.

It's the weekend once again, I hope you enjoy yours.
Stay Safe


Audrey x

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thanks Goodness It's Friday

It's the weekend here in Australia,,, yippee!!
This is a quick post to let you know our new kits are out,(see store front on the left hand side) we gave the tiles a miss this week but have had lots of people say they missed out on some kits and would like them. So we've decided we might make some of the previous kits again. If you are interested in any, drop us an email and we will let you know if we can re do that kit.

So here's this weeks 2 kits.
Art Boxes in two styles.

This one, called 'Couture' inspired by a technique created by the talented Julie Van Oosten from Collections Elements called Industria.

And this one called 'Parisian'

The price of the kits include postage and handling within Australia and New Zealand and a little bit extra for other destinations.

I hope to be back over the weekend to share more of my week.

Take Care



Sunday, June 7, 2009


NO,,,, I'm not preparing to have a baby,,,, :0)
Just playing with these little guys, I made. Nests!! There about 2cm wide and this one is propped on a Collections Box, painted with Distress Crackle paint and some Bird dictionary paper.

I hope your weekend has been productive.
Hug the one's you love.

Audrey x

Friday, June 5, 2009

As Usual,,,

the week flew in. It's a bit scary really, how time moves so fast.

The kits went out yesterday, so keep an eye on the post girls and thanks so much for your support.

The new kits and other bits and pieces went into the store front to the left.
Shabby Chic Tile Kit. (Click on the images to get a better look)
4" x 4" canvas with products, canvas and written/pictorial instructions.

Vintage tile kit. My favorite so far.
Another 4"x4" canvas with all of the products included including the canvas and written/pictorial instructions. (we might give the canvas' a rest for a little while after this one, let me know what you think)

We've got the new classes out.

So all in all it was a very productive week.
Got to admit though I'm not real happy that the cleaner hasn't come this week, I'll have to give her a call, the housework is piling up,,, not happy,,,Oh' that's right,, I'm the cleaner,,, LOL. Ok, off to do some domestic chores, have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anothe Fun Class

Last weekend saw another huge class, 'Shabby Chic Wall Canvas', at Made with Memories, one of the newest Scrapbooking shops here in Perth. It's a beautiful store and the girls there, including the girls that take our classes, are just gorgeous.

The fun(not) started on Friday, with preparation. We pre-made the frames, you should of seen my dining table Friday night, the stacks were 12 high.

This is Da Boss, Anne-Marie

Some of the gorgeous girls, heads down, bottoms up, at work.

Sue and Lois

Treesa, moi and Max (she just couldn't help herself)

I just couldn't help myself LOL

Some of the Creations the girls came out with.



Lois'(I think)




Ok! Off to do some work.
Stay posted though, we've got some new kits coming.