Friday, June 5, 2009

As Usual,,,

the week flew in. It's a bit scary really, how time moves so fast.

The kits went out yesterday, so keep an eye on the post girls and thanks so much for your support.

The new kits and other bits and pieces went into the store front to the left.
Shabby Chic Tile Kit. (Click on the images to get a better look)
4" x 4" canvas with products, canvas and written/pictorial instructions.

Vintage tile kit. My favorite so far.
Another 4"x4" canvas with all of the products included including the canvas and written/pictorial instructions. (we might give the canvas' a rest for a little while after this one, let me know what you think)

We've got the new classes out.

So all in all it was a very productive week.
Got to admit though I'm not real happy that the cleaner hasn't come this week, I'll have to give her a call, the housework is piling up,,, not happy,,,Oh' that's right,, I'm the cleaner,,, LOL. Ok, off to do some domestic chores, have a wonderful weekend.



Gretz said...

Wow these look amazing and yes I LOVE the Vintage tiles too.
I also love the class in the top left of the montage ;-)

Mel Connell said...

Love the video Audrey! very cool music!!!

sue : ) said...

Oh my !!!! I love the new tiles ! I just ordered one in blue... now I'll have to order this one !!!!!
Love it !

sue :O)