Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Messy Fun

Peeks of some of the girls work from the 3x3 Canvas class at the end of March. I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed the class. They got to choose what style canvas they wanted, so there is a mix of Shabby Chic and Vintage tones. I loved how they all turned out.

Be warned it's very hard to stay clean when you come to one of our classes.

Alice's Canvas

Sonia's Canvas

Melissa's Canvas

Anna's Canvas

Karen's Canvas

I didn't get a chance to photograph everyone's, but they all turned out fantastic. Thanks girls for a great day.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick post

If you are in Perth this coming Tuesday, join Max and myself for a Collections product 'Make'n'Take' at Scrapbook Central at 11am. There is also an invitations to crop the day away starting at 9.30am. It's only $7.50 for the 'Make and Take', but you can crop for free. Bookings are essential on 08 9301 1200. Check out the link for further details.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Been Productive!!

We had a birthday in the house!
Locky turned 11. (Where has the time gone) :0(
We now have another budding film director in the house as he got a video camera for his birthday, mind you he had to put part of his own savings towards it.
He had a couple of friends sleep over to celebrate,, but I don't think there was to much sleep involved,,,

Locky out for the count at about 11.30am the morning following the sleep over(had to be quick with the camera and my little machine doesn't really like taking shots indoors)

His mate Sean out for it on the other couch at the same time.

Hope you all had a wonderful break over the Easter. I did!! Still got the non Easter Bunny believers up at the crack of dawn for the egg hunt. Well actually Easter Bunny whispered in my ear at the crack of dawn 'we better do the hunt before the sun melts the eggs'. Now we can't have melted chocolate in this house. LOL

Erin getting into the spirit of things.

Even got some creating done.

A work in progress.

Rick painting his monsters for a War Hammer army,,,
For the first time in a while we got some creating done side by side.

Got a 12"x12" Tile canvas finished for my sister's birthday.

This one was done a couple of weeks back using the new Collections Inchies,,,would hate to have to cut inch square tiles out. I'm getting a thing for inchies (1"x1"squares). The tiles on the canvas above are about an inch and a half so I'm going smaller!!!!

So it's been a productive week, even got a class sample made. So I'm happy, I'd be even happier if the housework fairy paid me a visit.LOL
Take Care

Audrey x

Friday, April 10, 2009

Been Shaped Again!!!

Shaped; computer jargon, meaning we have used up all our downloads and are waiting for the new month to start.
The computer is on a go slow :0(

This always happens to me!!! The one who uses the computer the least! LOL I've been told by the boys that it will be back to normal by midnight tonight.
Apparently I have 35mins to upload some pics before the computer runs slow again so here goes. Less talk more pics.
I didn't get time to take a lot of good pics of the samples made from the new Collections products for SIA 2009, really only got sneak peek shots, when I get better shots I will share again.
Supa Letter embossed on the Cuttlebug embellished with the new wings.

More White (love working with white)

Even more white. This sea themed Art Box by Max

Butterfly Hanger

Inchie Canvas, new Baroque papers and small heart and wings

New Paper in the background

Sneek of new Dress form and Corset to fit. Each dress form has a matching Corset now, I love these

And for the Bird and egg lovers, check out these sneeks

That's it for now.
Have a wonderful Easter break and stay safe.
Sending love

Friday, April 3, 2009

More Eye Candy

Another quick post
If you are after any of the new Collections products contact your local paper craft store to see when they have their orders arriving.

For your chance to win a sample of all the new products, check out Maxine's blog.

The background paper is part of the new Baroque papers, new scrolls and flourishes from Collections.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where do I Start??

Well SIA has come and gone. What a huge few weeks Julie Max and Myself have had. I think I'm going to sleep well tonight. (that's if I can turn my busy creative brain down to get some sleep). I know we have had some of you hanging out to find out what we have been up to.

I met some beautiful people at SIA, some very creative souls, some old friends, got the chance to put some faces to names I knew. It was fantastic. Our feet hit the ground full speed as soon as we landed in Sydney, we got straight to work.
These photo's are not the best, I almost forgot to get the camera out, but here goes.

Pre set up

Part of the Display

Beautiful ladies, Tenaha, Rhonda, Julie, Ngaire and Evana

The Make'n'Takes were a great success again this year

Barbara and Nicky's (hope I got your names right girls)

Sherry and the girls that helped make everything run smoothly (sorry girls can't remember your names, just know that one of you wasn't really a scrapbooker LOL,)

Beautiful creative soul Teresa

The Geraldton Girls

Carol Wingert, the international guest tutor and speaker, such a sweet, inspirational lady.

It's getting late and I can hardly keep my eyes open, thought I'd better share some eye candy. I hope to get back on here tomorrow to share some more.

Once again Julie from Collections has come up with inspirational product to use in our creations, I can't pick a single piece I can say is my favorite as I love all of it.

3D Boxes. The start of about 20 new products.

need to get some sleep will be back as soon as I can to share so much more.

Sending Love