Monday, September 29, 2008


Haven't been near the computer much of late, been closer to the craft table, I know that's a good thing, right??? Still struggling with the flow of creative juices a little. I know lots of you are the same, to switch from, Mum, wife, working both in the home and outside of home and being not to good at letting go of stress there is always going to be some sort of creative block to get rid of. It's now school holidays here in WA and we have just had a long weekend also, so Rick was home for 3 whole days in a row. We decided to spend Sunday doing what we wanted to do,(I work Saturdays) so he, Locky and myself spent the day in the art room/computer room, all of us doing what we wanted in each others company, which was nice. Got to tell you though it must of taken all of 5 hours for the juices to kick in, come time for tea they were just starting to flow. But hey you get that, at least they showed up. Didn't really accomplish much but was thankful for the time.
Thought I would share this little project that I did for Helmar recently.
The Calender pages come ready to fill in with date and month and whatever else tickles your fancy, from Collections.
A desk top calendar for Father's day. It would also make an ideal Christmas gift.

Got some more creating that's been done, but have to take the photos yet, so I'll be back soon to share.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Art for Art Sake

Thought I would just do a quick post and share a bit of art for art sake. I love these colours and have done a few pieces in these tones. I did this one a little while back. The silver embellishments were part of my stash from the Sydney jewelry shop.

It's my day off today, it's just me, Pip and the cats at home so I have to get to my creative space and hope the universe hits me with some creative juices :0)
Got to clean up my space a bit first and hopefully get stuck into some serious creating.
Have a great day.
Sending love

Kelsey I'm thinking of you Hon,, *hugs*.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finnally! and it's a long one.

Just for you Karyl *hugs* a post.
The 21st was a roaring success, so I have tons of pics to share, but first,,,,
Some creative stuff...
Mel and I went shopping a little while back, don't know if I mentioned it before, at a local recycling site, at the tip and these were one of my finds.
Daggy 70's maybe?? light fittings,

Now at the time the 21st decoration planning was going full speed ahead, but not really getting anywhere. The theme being 'Glam', And I spotted these.
What a find.
Don't think Mel quite had my vision at the time though. :0)

I proceeded to pull em' apart.

Got some black paint happening. (BTW didn't hand paint them all, ended up getting a black flat spray paint, so much easier, don't know what I was thinking in the first place)

And,,,The end result.
There were two of them and the larger one was the center piece hanging from the roof of the pitched pergola, out the back. You can just see the glow of the tea lights coming from the glasses.

The night was fab and Erin had a great time, and besides all the planning, stressing, shopping and prep work, I did do, I had a great time too.
I hired a great photographer, (Max) Love you heaps girl and thanks so much. So between us we got some fantastic photos, which have inspired me to do more scrapping.
My sister Les was fantastic in the kitchen and I don't know what I would of done without her. (mind you Les, it was all your idea to do it at home in the first place, you won't be doing that in a hurry again, :0))
The Birthday girl was beautiful.
The cake turned out so good, with Max and Les coming to the rescue again. *hugs*

She loved her album and so did her girlfriends.

Her Besties.

Another Bestie, Brooke and her listening to the speeches.

The speeches.

Other party pics.

The Lockster.

Max, Dad and Me


And some more, just for you Karyl :0)
Erin and James (her boyfriend)

Of course as the night went on there was some pretty incriminating photos taken, some we will keep to ourselves,, sorry!,,,, won't we Max!!!
Some dancing and singing.

Some serious dancing.

Some serious singing. (remember it's getting very late) LOL

Some serious drinking. (creaming soda of course, notice Liam trying to corrupt the poor dog)

The Pressie (given to Erin long after midnight, well her birthday wasn't officially until Sunday the 7th)

My Girl and Me. Partying late into the night.
I love you Erin.