Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just Sharing

I don't have real good photos of this trio to share, but hopefully you can get some inspiration. These were in the latest Scrapbook Creations and sometimes it's hard to see the details on the pages of a mag.

Vintage Lovelies
I love to use Layers in my work, I also love collage and this combines both. And the best thing about these two techniques is that if you make a mistake or don't like what you've done you can cover it up, hey even by pulling something off you don't like, you never know you may discover you like whats left behind.

Have to admit, I have'nt been doing as much scrapping as I would like lately, might have to see what I can do about that. ;0)
Don't you just love how our kids can snap away with the camera and quite often get some great shots of themselves. I discovered these photos of Erin, she took of herself, on the puter and loved them. The only trouble was it took me ages to find a paper I liked to go with them. So thank you Graphic 45, lol.

Fashion - A Time Gone By
Yep did my old trick lol, got a bit carried away with this one, I can't help myself!!! Really I can't,,,,
I couldn't get a decent full shot of this one, so just got to share snippets. Hopefully when I get my pieces back I will get some better shots.

I hope your having a wonderful weekend and maybe even getting some time to do some creating.
Until next time
Take Care
Audrey x
p.s Don't forget to pop over to Wednesdays Wishes to see what else I've been up to!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And Another

Post, that is.
I tried to make the next pics part of the last post but mucked it all up and ended deleting them to start again later.
Max and I did a class at Made with Memories a couple of weeks back and the girls produced some beautiful fibrelicious(Max's name for a folder she designed and made a while back) inspired journals, I thought I'd share.
It was such a relaxing class, thanks girls we had a great day.
I've forgotten who's journal is who's so if I've popped someones name next to someone Else's journal because it's taken me so long to get this posted,,,, I'm sorry girls, please let me know *mwah*.

Cheryl's Journal

Annett's (maybe)









They are all just beautiful and all with their own personal touches, I hope their work has inspired you a little.



Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mammoth Post

Grab a cuppa, this could be a long one. ;0)

Just a quick note and some inspiration to share;
Christmas Shadow Box Class(for Christmas or maybe not)

If your in the Perth area or heading this way this weekend, there is still some spots left in this class. Give the girls at
Tomorrows Memories a call on 9279 2183 to book.

More Sneak Peeks

Well what a month or so, it's been and hasn't it just flown in. OMGosh, time flies and I know I always say that, but it does,,,,
Life in the Underwood household has been a bit topsy turvy, moving house, with something like 18days notice threw us into a spin (renting's a *&#@&) and we've downsized dramatically, so I'm still not organised and I'm still finding places for things to live. We've actually used the roof space to store some things and we've not done that for a long time, I just hope when it comes time to move again we remember that we have stuff up there.
I don't have a creative space ATM. Well I do have a room but it's not organised yet, so that is starting to get to me a little as I've had no time and space to create,,,That's my food for the soul, my meditation. There's nothing like picking up a paint brush or playing with paper and getting totally lost in your creating, you forget about everything else that is going on in the world, I love it!!

It's the last day of the school holiday 2 week break, it's back to school and routien tomorrow. So there goes my sleep-ins in the morning, the best part of the holidays.
Rick, Locky and myself were lucky enough to spend 9days in bali these holidays,,, Oh gosh... my first time and I LOVED it. It just wasn't long enough. Poor Locky got sick towards the end so our planned trips of bike riding through the some villages (down hill, so Rick assured me)tasting fruit and spices and seeing how village life is, along with white water rafting and an elephant ride, didn't come to fruition, theres always next time, although I don't think Locky will be heading back there anytime soon, not nice for his first experience outside of Australia.
Here's some snap shots.
I really wanted to visit some Temples while there, lucky enough we did this early in the trip.
Just beautiful

Some more of Bali in a later post.

I really need to blog more often, sorry about the long post, I do have more to share but until next time.
Take Care