Wednesday, February 24, 2010


New Year, new adventures.
Well I've had a full house and a full calender so far this year. Busy, Busy. Erin moved back home for a couple of weeks, that was a couple of months ago LOL. I love that girl dearly but she hasn't quite got her Mum's perfectionist's streak, now I know that is a good thing sometimes, but when it comes to being organised and clean she could do with a bit more of the streak. Good news for Locky though, she's got a place and moves tonight, the poor kid has had a mattress on the floor since she moved in and tonight he gets his own bed back and I get some mess cleared away. LOL (love U Erin ;0)
Most of you lovely ladies who follow my blog will know I've been working really hard with Maxine at Wednesdays Wishes, well we've had big changes there. We decided to do Wednesdays Wishes x 2,,,, well sort of. We're branching out on our own adventures, it has all worked out beautifully and we are very excited with the future. We will still do some teaching gigs together and occasionally design a kit together. My new venture is Your Creative Wings very similar to Wednesdays Wishes except, I get to work from home now and Max from hers, she even gets to save teabags, toilet paper and even a bit of liquid soap LOL.
I haven't gone live just yet, but it's all happening real soon, so stay tuned.
There's a blog up and running to fill you in on all the details and what I'm up to at 'Your Creative Wings'. To keep updated, pop over and follow the blog Here

I've got some beautiful Creative Project Kits for my first release, here's a sneak peek of a couple

Dress Makers Delight

Angel Clothes

Until Next time
Happy Creating

Audrey x