Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sneak Peek #2

Another sneak peek of Collections SIA 2009 releases.

This one by Julie

This one by Maxine

The creative juices have been over flowing, I love what Julie has come up with, yet again and can't wait to be able to share with you what we've been up to. Only just over a week until SIA (Scrapbooking Industry Australia) Trade show. Once I'm back, I'll be able to share what I've created and how it all went.


Raindrops and Holly Hocks.

I love the Holly Hock flower.
The theme over at Shutter this week was 'Flower'. Click here to check out what the girls have been up to and join in the challenge.

This was my contribution. You may need to click on the image so you can see the raindrops better.

Back soon


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top a Da Mornin To Ya!!

Better late than never.

Happy St Patrick's Day

Two little Irish Lassies on St Patrick's Day 1970 maybe??? LOL

Same two Lassies with their Dad, one not so happy about all the photo taking,,,LOL

Mum use to have my Aunty Sally (her sister) knit wonderful jumpers/cardigans for us and of course they had to match.Don't you just love the matching green bows in the hair.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some News

Finally some news. Max and I have been creating up a storm. We are now officially teaching classes around Perth and beyond. We only just decided this a couple of weeks ago, mainly because what we were planning, has to go on hold until after the end of this financial year. Its all good though.
So if you like what you see on our blogs, ask your local paper craft store if they have any of our classes in the pipe line. Over the next couple of weeks we will post where you can find us. Or you can always pop me an email.

You know what this means though????????????? I don't have much eye candy to share, because everything I've been creating is for classes and for Julie from Collections.(although a sneak peek here and there wouldn't be a bad idea). I think her nick name might have to be,,,,,,,,, 'the Queen of Chipboard' LOL. Her new products to be release at
at the end of this month in Sydney are brilliant, they inspire me so much, you've got to see them. She has popped a couple of peeks on her blog.

This one made by Max.

This one made by Julie.

I will share more real soon.

Well if you are a fan of Maxine's blog also, you may have notice a blog post,,,,,,,OMG!!! we scream,,,,,, she blogged. If you didn't know and you want to head over there, be warned,,, you may need some caffeine, it's a long one. Love you Max!!! And oh!! I'll bring you some toilet paper and teabags on Monday *giggle*.
We certainly have been spending night and day together, I've been there so much, that Pippy my loyal toy poodle comes too, she's been there so many times now that she knows here way around which is no big deal, except she is blind and mostly deaf and doesn't bump into things. It has been a blast, even though we are exhausted, we will be back at it on Monday.
Well I babbled on a bit,,,,,,,,,,, not as much as Max though. *smile*
Till next time,
stay safe


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still Full Speed Ahead

Just a quick post to Hi,,,,,,,,,,'Hi'!!!!!!!!!
Working my butt off at the moment. It's still all good, exciting really, so each time I feel tiredness and motivation creeping in, I nudge my way forward.
Apparently there is a buzz around that we are (Max and Myself) opening a shop,,, that would be a dream come true but alas it isn't so. So that rumor can be put to rest :0)

As usual I am in a rush but thought I would share some eye candy till next time.
Sending Love

Audrey x

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Times flying again,,,, I've been so busy, creatively, so it's a good thing.
Max and I've been working on new classes, so stay tuned for when and where, I've been making samples to take to SIA.
My domestic Goddess is on holiday, but poor thing, she will have her work load cut out for her when she returns, LOL.
Unfortunately I don't have a lot of new creations to share, but will definitely have some sneak peeks very soon. Thought I would share one of the pages from my 'She' journal. Mmmmm,, may have to think about doing this as an online class, let me know what you think??

And these shots are of Suzanne's journal completed, who took the class with me a few months back. It was brilliant to see how different all the girls books looked as they were coming together at the end. I absolutely loved teaching this class. For those other girls who took the class I would love to see some of your photos of your beautiful journals.

Suzanne went to town with her amazing journal and I loved it.

Sending Love
Audrey x