Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still Full Speed Ahead

Just a quick post to Hi,,,,,,,,,,'Hi'!!!!!!!!!
Working my butt off at the moment. It's still all good, exciting really, so each time I feel tiredness and motivation creeping in, I nudge my way forward.
Apparently there is a buzz around that we are (Max and Myself) opening a shop,,, that would be a dream come true but alas it isn't so. So that rumor can be put to rest :0)

As usual I am in a rush but thought I would share some eye candy till next time.
Sending Love

Audrey x


Sam Marshall said...


Karen said...

Wow love it just gorgeous..

Cathy Johnson said...

Wow still waiting for the news!!

I am so impatient, sorry. Glad all is well.

NessH said...

Audrey..this is stunning..I am just awestruck..I love it..
thank for sharing

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always. When we all going to hear the NEWS..............miss you and thanks for sharing.
Caryl K

kelsey said...

Hey Auds, love this piece and oh those branches look fantastic!!!!

Don't look at me, I didn't start the rumour!!! lol

How are you enjoying your "Pewter"? hahahaha I'm not norty either!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I LOVE this piece. The little fairies in the branches are just gorgeous! I love the richness in colour on the tree!xxx

Dee said...

Don't keep us in 'suspenders' too long. Miss you two 'bubbly broads'.

Laura said...

I love this piece, there's an ancient quietness about it.

Ev said...

Love the tree. I'm so excited about the happenings - will catch up soon