Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some News

Finally some news. Max and I have been creating up a storm. We are now officially teaching classes around Perth and beyond. We only just decided this a couple of weeks ago, mainly because what we were planning, has to go on hold until after the end of this financial year. Its all good though.
So if you like what you see on our blogs, ask your local paper craft store if they have any of our classes in the pipe line. Over the next couple of weeks we will post where you can find us. Or you can always pop me an email.

You know what this means though????????????? I don't have much eye candy to share, because everything I've been creating is for classes and for Julie from Collections.(although a sneak peek here and there wouldn't be a bad idea). I think her nick name might have to be,,,,,,,,, 'the Queen of Chipboard' LOL. Her new products to be release at
at the end of this month in Sydney are brilliant, they inspire me so much, you've got to see them. She has popped a couple of peeks on her blog.

This one made by Max.

This one made by Julie.

I will share more real soon.

Well if you are a fan of Maxine's blog also, you may have notice a blog post,,,,,,,OMG!!! we scream,,,,,, she blogged. If you didn't know and you want to head over there, be warned,,, you may need some caffeine, it's a long one. Love you Max!!! And oh!! I'll bring you some toilet paper and teabags on Monday *giggle*.
We certainly have been spending night and day together, I've been there so much, that Pippy my loyal toy poodle comes too, she's been there so many times now that she knows here way around which is no big deal, except she is blind and mostly deaf and doesn't bump into things. It has been a blast, even though we are exhausted, we will be back at it on Monday.
Well I babbled on a bit,,,,,,,,,,, not as much as Max though. *smile*
Till next time,
stay safe



Dee said...

That's fantastic news about your classes and I can't wait to see your '30 minute' samples.

Anonymous said...

good on you. Wishing you lots of energy (you will need it).
Hope you start some crazy stuff like journals and freestyle (all made from scratch) mixed media classes, cause I got major creative block!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah cant wait.....

Cathy Johnson

Jill Geraghty-Groves said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!! So are you coming to Brisbane, are you huh? are you? You neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to!!!