Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Times flying again,,,, I've been so busy, creatively, so it's a good thing.
Max and I've been working on new classes, so stay tuned for when and where, I've been making samples to take to SIA.
My domestic Goddess is on holiday, but poor thing, she will have her work load cut out for her when she returns, LOL.
Unfortunately I don't have a lot of new creations to share, but will definitely have some sneak peeks very soon. Thought I would share one of the pages from my 'She' journal. Mmmmm,, may have to think about doing this as an online class, let me know what you think??

And these shots are of Suzanne's journal completed, who took the class with me a few months back. It was brilliant to see how different all the girls books looked as they were coming together at the end. I absolutely loved teaching this class. For those other girls who took the class I would love to see some of your photos of your beautiful journals.

Suzanne went to town with her amazing journal and I loved it.

Sending Love
Audrey x


carmen said...

Hi Audrey,
nooooooooo online classes for me.
It is not a really nice way of interacting and exchanging ideas regarding art.
The personality of the teacher is very important and that will be totally lost if you or Maxime will start online classes.
We all really like your personality and you would have to be present (there in person) if I choose to take a class with you. Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee... don't dissapear.
Regardless to what happened we still love you both!!
I'm sure that i made a lot of spelling mistakes. Please forgive me(I'm a foreigner!).
Wish both of you all the best. You are two georgeous ladies.

Sending you love and encouragement


Anonymous said...

I agree with Carmen, we want you in person and that is not negotiable!
Please put me on your list for classes and keep in touch.
Miss you
Caryl K

Rhonda said...

Hi Audrey

Hope you are well. I personally think some on line classes would be fantastic people like myself who live remote dont get the chance to actually attend classes in person and I love your work, you are very talented

Audrey said...

Oh,, Beautiful Carmen and Karyl I wouldn't do online classes for you Perth girls. I miss you girls.

Hugs xx

Jen Crossley said...

Looks amazing Audrey

Anonymous said...

I would love online classes as well Audrey !
Love your work ..

Jenny said...

I left a comment and now cant find it ! - sorry if i end up with two Audz.....

I loved the She class and am Inspired to do more and more and more... I am going to do the "BE" book as I love the saying in that.

Pick me pick me - I want to do your classes...

I cant wait to see your SIA samples ... I know have to wait till end of March

chrisw said...

Miss you heaps honey..come on how about opening up a new shop of your own!