Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top a Da Mornin To Ya!!

Better late than never.

Happy St Patrick's Day

Two little Irish Lassies on St Patrick's Day 1970 maybe??? LOL

Same two Lassies with their Dad, one not so happy about all the photo taking,,,LOL

Mum use to have my Aunty Sally (her sister) knit wonderful jumpers/cardigans for us and of course they had to match.Don't you just love the matching green bows in the hair.



Dee said...

How cute were you. Love the cardies and the bows. I forgot it was St Pat's day and didn't realise until the day was almost over.Oh well no green beer for me this year.

Carmen said...

Ok, maybe somehow... a little bit.
Good old cardies. I once left my brand new cardie (that I got as a present from my grandparents for easter)at the local park where we used to play. When I got home and realized I just wanted to die on the spot.
I'm still here.
Audrey, you haven't change a bit.

Xanapan said...

LOVE these photos....maybe 'cos I'm the same vintage!!