Monday, September 29, 2008


Haven't been near the computer much of late, been closer to the craft table, I know that's a good thing, right??? Still struggling with the flow of creative juices a little. I know lots of you are the same, to switch from, Mum, wife, working both in the home and outside of home and being not to good at letting go of stress there is always going to be some sort of creative block to get rid of. It's now school holidays here in WA and we have just had a long weekend also, so Rick was home for 3 whole days in a row. We decided to spend Sunday doing what we wanted to do,(I work Saturdays) so he, Locky and myself spent the day in the art room/computer room, all of us doing what we wanted in each others company, which was nice. Got to tell you though it must of taken all of 5 hours for the juices to kick in, come time for tea they were just starting to flow. But hey you get that, at least they showed up. Didn't really accomplish much but was thankful for the time.
Thought I would share this little project that I did for Helmar recently.
The Calender pages come ready to fill in with date and month and whatever else tickles your fancy, from Collections.
A desk top calendar for Father's day. It would also make an ideal Christmas gift.

Got some more creating that's been done, but have to take the photos yet, so I'll be back soon to share.


rosebud said...

Love the calender and so glad you got your creative juices back....I got mine back to, must have been away
Cyber hugs
Caryl K aka Karyl

Jenny said...

Oh la la Audrey - love the calender, it is nice to have some family time together :O) see you in 3 sleeps for SHE !!

Love Jen xxx

Jen Crossley said...

Audrey your calendar is beautiful girl