Monday, November 3, 2008

All Hallows Eve

At Scraptivate, we had a Halloween themed crop night on Friday night. What a laugh.
Vicki, Jenny and a nice witch, just very ugly, check out the warts,,LOL (another use for double sided tape).

Jen, Julie and that witch again.

A vampire doing a little retail therapy.

They even went out in public,,, LOL (to get dinner).

That poor ugly witch got dragged out with them. (she didn't need to much persuading though).

The Vamp's Charlene and Julie. (Julie won 'Best Dressed').

Charlene and Shelly.

Miss Puss'n'Boots, Mel.

Judith and Karen, down to business.

along with Maureen (on the hard stuff, diet coke,,LOL)

Witchy Poo, Jenny,,,, 'I'm melting, I'm melting'.

Witchy Poo Audrey.

Off to a Melbourne cup luncheon now will be back soon to share some creating.

Sending Love
Audrey x


Sherry Goodloe said...

Love all of the costumes!! Looks like you all had a BALL!

On another note . . .

I received a "Tag, You're it!" from Nancy Jamar of Gilding the Lily on Monday morning. I have now tagged YOU!

Here are the official rules:

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Jenny said...

Audz - the photos look great - love the last one of you! - can I have a copy of the photos (put on a disk and i will get them done) please?

Had a great time last night at SHE and I will have to take a photo of my bird cage and blog! YOU ARE SO SO SO SO INSPIRING - Thank you - Luv Ya xxx J

Jen Crossley said...

Audrey why didnt you dress up !!!!! LOL
Im so bad you all look very haunting

Char said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Audrey!
They are fantastic, it was lots of fun.
I am about due for another visit so I shall see you soon!!
Love Char xxx