Friday, January 18, 2008

Six Beautiful Days!!

I got to spend 6 great, glorious days down south this week. Busselton WA. With my parents, my sister and her two boys and Locky. Rick and my brother-in-law Eric got to stay a couple of days and had to return to Perth for work. We did a few of the tourist type things, the caves, lunch at Margaret River, Simmo's and lots more. The beach was right on our door stop. And the boys had a ball. I really didn't want to come home.

Nothing like a bit of beach cricket.

Prime position for beach cricket.

Exploring the Caves


Pool Play

Fishing with Grandad

Some Silliness

And Above all Quality Family Time

And Relaxation

Oh well, Back to the Real World.


kelsey said...

Great pics Auds, looks like you had a ball! See you back at work tomorrow all nice & rested. ;-)

susan j said...

Heya Miss Auds. Sounds like you had a great time!! LOVE your pics.

vivian said...

hey audz! thanks for sharing these pics, looks like you all had a great time! must say; you looked really rested yesterday! good on ya!