Saturday, April 12, 2008

5 Bucks and 1/2 a Kabab,,,,, or not ???

The title,,,, well thats a long story, will tell you in a little while.

I'm back and revived from SIA in Sydney. I'm sure everyone who attended would say it was a success and only to be bigger and better next year, so keep a lookout for it.
I had a blast, I met so many people, some who I have admired for a long time and it was a pleasure to meet you face to face.

Collections Elements Rocked the show. I think we inspired many, at least I hope so, as that is what this paper craft industry is all about.

Our make'n'takes were very popular.
This is one Kareena made.
The bird wasn't a make and take we planned, it just happened. We ran out of birds in the end, sorry for those who missed out. :0(

The Art wall. On the stand.

I will have to leave it there for now as I'm off to work, I'll fill you in on more tomorrow night.


Chris Millar said...

Hi Audrey! Love the images I see here of the Collections stuff! I read on someone's blog that Collections had an awesome stand! Congratulations of being a part of it!

Jen Crossley said...

It was amazing to spend some time with you and JVO.
The stand looked awesome,and your make and takes were a huge hit.
Hm I feel like a kabab or not!!

Jenny said...

Audrey it looks AMAZING !!!

Well done - I'm so glad you had a fantastic time xxx

See ya soon

Luv Jen xxx

PS - you need to share the joke about the kebab now!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

i have my face pressed up against the screen trying to see more audrey. it all looks gorgeous and I think i need to go COllections shopping heeheee