Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Creative Block

I'm stuck,,,, 'I'm opening myself up to an unlimited flow of creativity', from the universe, (this is a little saying I have up near my work space) , but the universe is not listening, well it is, I'm sure, it's just something is blocking the flow,,, LOL.
*yelling* 'get out of the way', I've got work to do. LOL
It was JVO's birthday this week and Tad her partner organized a surprise party for her (I will share some pic's later). Some of us girls from Scraptivate made her a large canvas with 156 of her tiles (Collections tiles), decorated mostly with her products, eg, papers, chipboard, words ect. It turned out unbelievable, if I don't say so myself. Now us girls are making one for ourselves. This pic is part of one I've done for myself which will be a class at Scraptivate later this year.

Ok,,, Have a lovely day!
I'm off to see to some Domestic Goddess duties and hopefully some creating after that.


jilly said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Audrey!!!

I'm with you...still waiting for the dang universe to send some creative juices my way!!!! She just ain't listening to me at the mo!!! Aaargh!

PS....can I put a link to your blog in from mine IYKWIM?!?!?


Judy said...

Encore Encore we want moe of this please. Just sensational.