Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving House

Hi everyone,

Max here on the request of Audrey. She said to say a huge thank you for all your lovely comments, and that they have been very much appreciated.

So where is Audrey you might ask.........well the Underwoods are moving house at the moment, they have no computer, no internet, she can't find any school uniforms and even the cats are prooving hard to find. She has stuff spread from Joondalup to Connolly and there are boxes and piles of stuff EVERYWHERE!

She is sorry to say she hasn't done the draw for the RAK yet, actually I have the RAK at home so it wouldn't get packed in a box and not see the light of day for a couple of years, I tell ya how can one person have so much crap, I mean stuff, I mean great stuff, I mean treasures!! But hey sneaky brain working here I wonder if I could sell it to the highest bidder, or even pretend I don't have that would be book, what mini-book??????...

No in all seriousness, the real reason for this post is to say thank you for your comments and to let you all know that as soon as Audrey gets sorted she will work out the RAK and get it posted in the mail.

Hope you are all well.

Take care

Max on behalf of Audrey


suemon said...

Hi Maxine, now please be good an look after that mini book because I'm in the draw too an I really really want to win, so behave yourself!!(just this one time anyway). Wish Audrey good luk with the move an you play nicely, mwah.
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Oh your to wicked Maxine lol !
Happy house moving to Audrey, nice to hear your both well .


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy moving house....
You go max! Fi X

Pearl Maple said...

Good luck with sorting out the moving adventure.