Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where did the time go again???

OMGoodness the year has flown in,,
I guess you could say I'm working fulltime once more, well more than fulltime really. Wednesdays Wishes is going really well, we've designed some more new Creative Project Kits and we've also put some more products on the shop Max and I like to use in our creating on there also. We growing and enjoying most of the process that goes along with a new business.
I still haven't set up a space to create in the new house, but hopefully that will change this week. I miss my space :0(
Life is plodding along as normal in the Underwood household. Locky finishes yr 6 soon, my goodness, were is my little boy gone,,, come back!!!
Miss Erin is across the world exploring and will return to warmer weather here in a couple of weeks after a 6 week trip to the US and Canada. Her and Brenton in Toronto.
Something tells me this is only the start of the 'Travel Bug' for her.
Liam is enjoying his new work toy,,,much to mum's little pangs of envy.
His Cannon 7D.

He's getting some great shots.

Roos on the golf course near were we live.

and these one's of the wild dangerous animals (not) in our own back yard. Tom and Shadow.
He has let me have a play with the camera but those shots are on his computer and I can't get to them,,,he's not home right now ;0)another time maybe.

Hope you've managed some creating time this weekend, I'll be back soon with some creating from the last week.


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