Friday, July 9, 2010

As time goes by!!

It definitely seems to be the story of my life, time,,,,,,where does it go??
Life in the Underwood house has been full on as usual, well for me LOL. I'm sure the rest of the family is coasting along as usual, not a care in the world, isn't that the way it is for most Mum's???

I've been spending most of my time working on 'Your Creative Wings' new projects and new products, trying to find different little things for the shop. I love it when I find something that isn't so common, like a charm or a lace or braid and even laser cuts, there be lots more new ones of them soon ;o)
Some of the new charms

So most of my creating has been for new Creative Project Kits and here's a peek of some of them.

This is done using the Collections Thrinchie, Twinchie and Inchies
Thrinchie Hinged Frame

Shabby Spool Pincushion

Hopefully time will be my friend for a little while and I'll get back here soon.
Take Care
Happy Creating
Audrey x


Gretz said...

Just Divine Audrey!

jenny said...

So very lovely and inspirational....

Julie van Oosten said...

Always wonderful and creative projects Audrey, hope to catch up soon, it's been ages hasn't it?

Svetlana said...

Haven't been on your blog for ages. You have so many great creations, Audrey. And time... welcome to my world: chronically busy (that’s Hollywood). Every spare moment I try to spend creating instead of updating my blog.

Anonymous said...

You are so so clever. This piece is beautiful!-as always. Love it!