Monday, March 17, 2014

Australian Scrapbook Ideas Magazine and a Little Green

This is a great magazine if you want step by step instructions for layouts and projects. It's kind on those starting out and for us veterans who want to play and explore. You can find their Facebook page HERE

You can get full 'How To' instructions in the magazine.

Okelly Dokelly, I'll leave you in peace today. ;)

Just one more little green thing

Happy St Patrick's Day to my Family and Friends far and near x
Until Next Time
Audrey x

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Val Thorpe said...

Oh my your daughter looked just exquisite on her wedding day. The love you have for your GD just shines through. I have just become a grandma for the first time to twins. They are just two months old and I am totally besotted by them, luckily for me I get on really well with my DIL so I get to see them almost every day :D I am so enjoying watching them grow and change. So different to your own kids :D