Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bad Blogger (said with sarcastic 'telling off' voice)

I've been sick this week, so haven't got to much creating done :0(
Thought I would share some other creations I've created for Julie from Collections, before our Sydney trip.

I used one of her Narrow Bracket Books. The patterened paper throughout the book is also Collections. The chipboard bird is one of hers also, the wren. It was covered using Scraptivate german scrap. Starting at the bottom of the bird and working up, placing each strip over the other so the points of the pattern sit in between each other,, yep crazy, I know. I inked over it and the edges using Pinecone ink. Place a bit of gauze between the wing and the body of the bird. Use a Zig pen to place a dot for the eye and blacken a beak.


Judy said...

Wow, the cover is so clever!

Jen Crossley said...

Your da bomb Audrey the bomb

Sam Marshall said...

It looks so cool with all the different textures. It's gorgeous.