Friday, May 16, 2008

In The Bag

The new Scrapbooking Creations is out.
My beautiful friend Vivian asked myself and Miss Mel, to contribute to an article she had for the mag, 'it's out',,, you have to check it out. You can check out the girls blogs (just click on their names) and hopefully they will share real soon. We created some awesome handbags using the art supplies in our creative space.
This is my effort, the pics aren't great as usual I was in a rush when I took them.
I had already started the dying process when the idea of doing a 'before and after' photo came up, so you will have to use your creative minds eye with this shot. The bag was a blue with white dots one made of hessian and I used Colour wash to dye it, the wash even dyed the bamboo handle which was a bonus.

After 14 or so hours of hand stitching (and I couldn't find the thimble)this is what the end result was.


Anonymous said...

Cool bag and bet your finger was sore after all the hand stitching with NO thimble.
caryl k

Sam Marshall said...

The bags are beautiful. I love your canvas too.

Jenny said...

Your photos look much better than the magazine ones !!!

OMG where did you get that metal crown - I want - give me - right now (LOL - those are my kids names as well !!!)

It is devine - I luv it xxx

Luv Jen

Jen Crossley said...

This is one cool bag you have outdone yourself Girl

Chris Millar said...

You're so clever Audrey! I was in awe when I saw these bags that you girls did in the mag!!! Way to go!

Eva Mora said...

i wanna one of these bags!