Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And I thought no one read my blog :0)

Thanks for all your loving support. I have had some lovely messages in regards to my last post. Liam is doing fine, we're keeping a close eye on him. He doesn't talk much about anything, even before the accident.

My three children are all so different to each other and Liam is the one thats not into affection (and that's ok) but he's getting kisses and hugs everyday whether he likes it or not LOL. I just tell him I need the cuddle. :0)


rosebud said...

Hi Audrey
Just sending some cyber((( HUGS))) and when I see you at Scraptivate will give you real hugs. Take care Caryl K

Jen Crossley said...

Audrey Od course we read your blog your the one and only dear audrey!!!!!!.
Everyone needs a cuddle Im sending you one at the moment