Thursday, July 24, 2008


Just a reminder

Scrap-it, is the closet Perth is getting to a scrapping convention for now, with a bonus, that the funds raised go to a great cause, research in Alzheimer's.
I'm off there this weekend,it's going to be a blast. Max, Mel and myself are staying at the venue the night before, arriving about midday to scrap the rest of the day and evening away in our hotel room. The idea came about from Lis a customer from work who is doing the same thing with her buddies,,,, I'm a bit excited!!!!!!!!!!
Scrap-it is on Sunday, maybe you can still book if you want to come.

Woohhooooooooo!!! roll on tomorrow, now off to pack.

I'll try take some pics and will share next week, Have a great weekend.


Jen Crossley said...

Have fun you girls I know you will

Ev said...

Hey, hope you had a good time. I haven't scrapped for so long. Hope Liam is okay, thought it could be months before it really hits him hard. Keep hugging him, even the ones who aren't touchy feeling need a hug now and then. Though I know you will. Sending cyber hugs to you cause I never see you these days to give you real ones.