Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Whole Month

Well the whole month of December, flashed past, gone!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and my wish for you is that 2009 be a happy, healthy one for you and the one's you hold dear.

The lead up to Christmas was hectic. It just came to quick, crept up silently behind me,,, LOL.
Christmas day was exhausting, don't get me wrong, I loved being with my family, but it always seems to be a chore for me. This year my sister convinced my folks to have a non traditional Christmas meal and go with cold meat and salads, beautiful salads and us girls all chipped in, even Erin, she's a great cook, must take after her Auntie, my sister is a great cook too. This definitely made the cooking preparations easier, but we decided we would go back to the traditional feast next year. My sister and I take turns having at each others house and those who follow my blog might remember it was at my house last year and in a moment of insanity I suggested we have it here again,,,, LOL. So dinner it was for 23 people,,, insane :0)

We had some friends from Queensland stay for a couple of weeks, arriving on Christmas Eve. So Christmas morning was Loud, with 5 boys under the age of 10 and 4 more that sounded like they should be, us girls were a bit out numbered at 3, 4 counting Pippy the dog.

I recycled last years ceiling decorations by adding some more white cane stars and reindeer. (The table was centered underneath)

And went with traditional red and green for the table.

Some pic's of the day.
The Pool was one of the reasons to have it at our place.




Erin arriving.

Pressie Time.


Christmas Hugz.


Dad and his sense of humor.




Dad and Muriel.

My Brother playing with his camera. (look real close??)

It's getting late.

And cold, can you believe it!! The last few Christmas' have been up near the 40's, hence the choice for salads.

A great advertisement for Christmas in Australia. LOL

Take Care
Audrey xx

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marc said...

Hi Audrey...
Merry xmas to you hope it's not too late n happy new year!