Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well I have spent all day so far, updating my blog. You will notice a few changes on the side and I even put a load of new images on Slide, some old, some not so old. I didn't really realize how much I didn't have on there and I didn't even get them all up, oh well another day.

It's the final days of the school holidays, it's been a pretty quiet lot of holidays this year. We usual go down south every January, but not this year. So Locky had to be contented staying near home, thank goodness for the pool and play dates with his friends.

Under Supervision of course :0)

Even Pippy is Supervising. It amazes me what that dog can pick up on, considering she is blind (we think she see shapes and outlines?) and deaf. Mind you she makes so much noise when the kids are in the pool I'm sure I'm going to go deaf, not to mention the neighbours,,,lol.

Locky and Zac, these guys have been solid friends since Kindy.

Near impossible to get a serious photo any more :0)

Locky and his mate Jake

One Body board two boys?




Great Fun.


chrisw said...

Great pics Audrey..lots of love!

Edleen said...

those are fun shots!