Saturday, February 14, 2009

Long time no post!!

We got 'Shaped', computer jargon for my boys downloading over our quota of downloads with our internet plan. So very frustrating!!!!! For 2 weeks we had a very slow internet. I tried up loading, but it was taking forever and I eventually gave up.
So I have a tonne of creativity to share.

My heart goes out to all of you touched by the bush fires on the east side of Australia. Take Care and I wish you luck rebuilding your lives.
There are amazing photo's out there, some I was absolutely amazed by, some just brought me to tears. I happen to find this one,,,

Imagine all those precious possessions lost, the photographs, the memories, it's almost to much to think about. My heart goes out to you.
This tragedy has definitely brought out the best in Australians, if you are in a position to donate you can do it through the Red Cross HERE

Audrey xx


Anonymous said...

Hey Auds so glad that you are back, missed you.
hugs Caryl

Anonymous said...

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