Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well Collections chipboard tiles seem to be popping up everywhere of late, I know I'm obsessed with them. They were the perfect gift to give a Christmas.
These were some more I made for teachers and friends

I did a class on them just recently and the canvases the girls finished up with were amazing.
This one was done by Amie, it would be easy 48" long,,,,,Of course Amie had to do extra tiles for homework so she could create her masterpiece on the last day.

A quick Birthday Card for Mum, thank goodness for the Cuttlebug. ;-)

Back Soon with some more news,
until then, Take Care

Audrey x


Jill Geraghty-Groves said...

Ooooh....loving those tiles Audrey! Aren't they fabulous?!?!?

Julie van Oosten said...

Love that fantastic amazing display of tiles Audrey! Annie is so dedicated, no wonder tiles are flying out the door. Love your pressies as well, lucky recipents! Love your work area it's amazing and reflects your personality {creative genius!} great to see you tonight hon! Hope you like the sneak preview of new chipboard! LOL!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh my gosh audrey its all so gorgeous