Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MmmmAaaaAAAXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Well if you haven't guessed who got into my blog,,,, Max did LOL Thank goodness she didn't get to carried away,,LOL. Naaa!! I got her to do a post for me, we were so excited about out kits that I had to share and we don't seem to be getting a lot of time out of our internet,,, The download fairies hit again and as usual no-one in the house is responsible. Rick at one staged thought that maybe our net security stuff (very technical word)was being used or got into by neighbors maybe,,,, I'll leave it for him to sort out, I had a little bit of a 'woh is me' moment,,,well actually maybe if a little kid moment, or both,,, You may need to use creative visualization here,, LOL. I said, not quite stamping my feet,,, "it's not fair!!, I don't get on the computer much,,,and when I do, we seem to be shaped!! it's just not fair".(picking bottom lip off the floor. All is good now, but for how long,,, don't know.

I just want to thank everyone who purchased and wished us luck with our kits, the first lot went off with a blast. Sorry for those that missed out. We are working on more, so stay tuned.

Audrey x

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suemon said...

Hi Audrey, got my kit blue one) an it is made up an looks gorgeous, found the instructions easy to follow, the only prob I had was the waistline on the skirt, couldn't get it too look as good as yours, but all good lol
Was great fun.