Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a week

Well last week would have to have been my busiest in a long time.
Classes, classes, classes.

What a blast though.
Had a huge day at Made With Memories, with three classes, which made for a long day but well worth while. I'm raging I didn't get any shots of the girls creations :0( to share,, sorry girls. There was dancing, singing, the works. God only knows what incriminating photos may be out there, LOL. Now in mine and Max's defense it had been a long day and the sugar must have clicked in and when that song 'all the single ladies', comes on, we just can't help it, we just have to pull out the dance moves.
Thanks for a great day girls.


There always has to be one,,,,,, Kareena!!

And again!!

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