Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We're all talk'n'bout,,,

that storm that hit Perth on Monday. Like everyone else, I was amazed, I did get some video along 99.9% of Perth. The editing has a lot to be desired, I was running around at times with the camera still on when it was just facing the door etc and the language in it at the beginning had a lot to be desired LOL,,, I was excited, surprised etc. I won't put you through my videoing but thought I'd share one Liam did.
Him and his mates definitely put a smile on my face when I see what they've been up too!!! Quite often when I see what they've been up to I'll naturally go into 'MUM' mode!! you know the little 'OMGoodness,,,ouch!!, I can't believe it, etc' might even have to add some 'oh Liam you shouldn't have'. But usually in the end I have a good laugh.
I did put the video on here but the screen wouldn't fit, Click Here to take a look.

Poor Locky he's tired of people talking about it,,,he feels he missed out. He was at a friends for a play and in a shopping center at the time and he missed it all. Then what he could of been up to with his big bro afterwards didn't help the fact either. ;0)
Liam also took these shot later that night,, Beautiful

Until next time
Audrey x


Teresa said...

Audrey - that video is too funny! Oh my you've got something to worry about with that boy! :)

Audrey said...

I know they are crazy, I do love thier sense of freedom and fun and what memories they will have. He does worry me a bit, but he's a big boy now, trying to teach myself not to worry as much.

Mel Connell said...

Your son is so awesome Audrey! xxx and he takes amazing shots! xxx

Julie van Oosten said...

Wow and Wow, your son's videos are amazing, and so much fun and the photos just brillant!

Audrey said...

Pretty proud of him, I love his work, scares me sometimes when I see what shananagins they've been up to, usually makes me laugh and that's a good thing ;0)
Thanks girls xx

Gretz said...

Great video Augee and amazing photos! One talented son!

Bibi said...

Wow, what awesome photos! Artistic family you have there :)

Xanapan said...

Hi Audrey...bit late, but just had to say how cool Liam's vid was - made me laugh!
The photos are just gorgeous as well!