Friday, December 28, 2007

Definately technologically challenged???

Yep that's me. LOL
Just can't work out what has happened to my blog banner/title,,, :0(

Well I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.
Mine was wonderful, but exhausting. The lead up was hurried and flustered, with last minute preparations, one brings on, one's self, swearing never again!!! But of course the following year being just like the previous.
Each year my sister and I take turns in hosting Christmas for the rest of the family in our homes. It was my turn this year.
We have this unwritten,(don't know how it came about)competition each year as to who can out-do the hostess' table decorations from the previous year. All done with the most loving sibling rivalry and fun of course.
This is what I came up with for this year,,,,, (eat your heart out Les,,,,LMAO,,,, Love you,,,,)
It starts with a little help from Locky and Rick at the local park, we needed branches from gum trees, preferably with some gum nuts in tack and ones mother nature and the wind helped to hit the ground, we weren't disappointed. My only worry on the return drive home was that we would be pulled over by the police for having a wide load. As seen here,,,LOL

I'm in there somewhere.

Thought it only to right that I sit in the back rather than subject Locky to scratches and grazes from the twigs, besides we wouldn't of heard the end of it all the way home.

He thought his new pet snake looked fab amongst the branches, (it looks good for a fake one :0)

Two cans of matt white spray paint, two cans of fake snow spray and half a tub of gesso. And of course mine and Rick's efforts and sweat (it was a 38degree day), we had a great result.

The theme was silver and white. The twiggs have wire with little crystal stars intertwined with the round crystal lights, it looked great in the dark.
Roll on next year, Lesley,,,, LOL.


chilli said...

awesome .. looks lovely !

Anonymous said...

LOL at you in the back with the branches. The table looks great, love how the brances turned out.

kelsey said...

Looks wonderful Audrey!!! But.....where are the birds??? said there were going to be glittery birds too!

vivian ( said...

wow audz!!! this looks stunning!