Saturday, December 29, 2007

What a Hoot!!

Julie's done it again. I'm in love with these little guys, so much fun to play with, they come in a pack of three (I think!) and she even has a little pic in there to help you put them together. You can get them at the shop. The wise owl, I made as a magnet and a thankyou gift for Locky's teacher. And the Lacey one was just a little bit of art for art's sake. I have a few more on the go and will share them when I get some photos taken.
Off to work now to help pay for my habbit,, LOL.
Have a Hoot of a day.


Judy said...

Very cool. Happy New Year Ausrey and family.

Jen Crossley said...

Very Cute AUDREY!!
I love what you have done with the owls Miss ya girlie
Jen Crozza

Ev said...

Happy New Year Hun! I am loving those owls, I have as yet to get out and shop for anything other than child or food related LOL. I know a Scottish friend of yours who would kill for one of those lacy Audrey owls! ;O) What a lovely idea for the teacher too, wish I had seen them earlier, you know how hard it is to organise a male gift.

Jenny said...

Great owls Audrey, hope you are feeling better after your crappy day yesterday honey xxx

Samantha said...

Your work is absolutely gorgeous, Audrey. The owls are beautiful.
Thanks for all your advice and friendly chats.

Sam Marshall xx