Sunday, August 26, 2007


Just happen to be talking to Kelsey yesterday and I happen to say how bad I was feeling that I had'nt updated my blog in a week. How each day I think about it, and one of the reasons I didn't start a blog earlier was that I felt I didn't need any extra pressure in my life.
She happen to mention B.O.W and I feel so much better. Click on the link and you will see what it is all about.
I started my blog, hopefully to share some of me, some of my creations and hopefully inspire others to create. Not to add pressure to my everyday.
So I will continue this fun journey without obligation and I hope you will all enjoy it with me.
Sending love your way.
Audrey x


kelsey said...

Yay for doing it Audrey! Anything that adds pressure is not fun, so therefore you're less likely to do it...enjoy blogging when you feel like it and have something to share. We're quite happy to wait ;-)

Ev said...

I couldn't agree more Auds, this isn't supposted to be about deadlines and daily sharing/writing but giving others a little insight into our lives, creative or otherwise. I did enjoy the catch up it has been way too long.

Melissa said...

We'd all be happy to peek at anything you post audrey...any work, at any time that suits you!!!
Don't stess hun!