Friday, August 10, 2007

Serious Gamers (not)

Here's my Layout for this fortnight's Dare on " How Dare You". The theme is Fantasy.
The story behind my layout is: When marrying Rick there must of been an unwritten vow somewhere in there saying that I would love,support and except his love of fantasy, books, movies,and especially games. He has passed that onto the kids now. The boys mainly play online games and a table game called Warhammer (they build and paint both the army and the miniature scenery for the game, hours and hours of work) even Erin has played it in the past. She loves a good fantasy book or movie now and has been known to spend a weekend in her PJ's with her nose in a good book.
Go take a look at the fantastic creations the other girls have done on the Dares "We Rock".
I'll be back soon to share some more creations and will add some more to my gallery over the weekend.


Kirsty said...

Hey girl you finally got one!!!! I will link you to me and be keepning an eye out YAY!!!
(hopefully you'll remember me or I'll just like a raving looney!!!)

Kirsty said...

Hey girl!!!! you finally got one yay!!! will link you to mine!
Kirsty (hope you remember me or I'll just sound like some raving looney!!)

Jennie M said...

Congrats on starting a blog...
Is that my DH in the middle? Now he'll want a LO dedicated to him too! LOL