Monday, August 13, 2007

Tagged and feeling Special

If you haven't notice on the side bar I got a Rockn' Girl Blogger nomination from Kelsey. Thanks! And right back at you. Does that mean I can do the same??? Well I'm going to, because I think these girls deserve one too,and not just because they are friends, :0)
Max. I also think
someone should nominate Max for and 'Inspirational Blogger Award'.
I think Viv's blog is looking fab too.
Other than that I worked all weekend and again today and I don't feel to bad at all. While at work I get all inspired and can't wait to get home to do some creating, but after doing a little grocery shop, cleaning up a bit and preparing dinner, you know all the Domestic Goddess duties, the inspiration has already left. So tonight I will add a few more stitches to a scarf I have been knitting all winter, you never know I might have it finished by next winter. *smile*.
Did a little creating (pic's above) with Max on Friday in the form of this embellished sander kit from Julie, from Collections, thanks for my pressie Julie. xx I just got a little carried away with it, while trying to get the creative juices flowing, but it was fun playing. To give you some idea of the size, as this image is a close up, the sanders (the bigger black pieces) are about 8cm x 2.5cm.


Kirsty said...

WOW!! I do look like a raving looney!! sorry don't know what happened but its posted the same comment about 3 times LOL!!! sorry!!
Hey girl!!!! you finally got one yay!!! will link you to mine!
Kirsty (hope you remember me or I'll just sound like some raving looney!!)

Ev said...

Love the sanders...glad you are blogging to.