Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On a Sad note

My heart is aching for a good friend and her family. Michelle lost her family dog 'Rolly' to a snake bite today and I just found out through an email. Big *hugs* to Michelle, Don, Leonii and Wil. Rolly is in dog heaven now and he doesn't have to worry about storms any more. (Michelle shared a layout she did once of Rolly and the damage he did to the back door after he got scared during a storm and desperately wanted to get inside the house, You should of seen the damage, but we all seen the funny side). R.I.P Rolly
Our pets are part of our family and I would be devastated if we lost one.

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Michelle G said...

Thanks Babe!!! Hugs back at ya!!! I think I have nearly finished being a Sookie La La for today anyway!!