Saturday, November 3, 2007

We're 'outa there'

Oh my goodness, it's been ages. I hope you didn't give up on me. Life took on a full speed ahead mode, but hopefully things will settle for a while.
We have now moved house, so I am living in bedlam atm, very slowly getting some organization into the new house. It must have taken us a week to move. I finally finished cleaning the old house at about 11.20pm on Monday night.
The lead up was huge also, I seemed to be collecting boxes for weeks prior and the moving date was always changing. Everything seemed to come at once, when we finally got the word we could move, I had the preparations for the Scrapboxx retreat, my teaching commitments at Scraptivate, along with whatever other scrapping and non scrapping commitments I had, as well as working. I feel I have been chasing my tail for a couple of months. Hopefully things will settle down from now on.
I somehow managed to hurt my back during the last end of the move and have been crippled since Tuesday afternoon. So that has put a stop to progress here in the new place. I am not one for running off to the doctors easily, (for myself anyway). But I got such a fright, the pain was unbearable. I was more worried about work than anything else because I had had some extra time off for the move. Poor Natalie. (the joys of running your own business,,, hey!!!!)
I have had no time on the computer which doesn’t matter anyhow as we had no internet access. Max has been sending emails for me. I won’t go into it but we ended up having no home phone or internet for over a week before we moved and over a week after the move. It did have its benefits in one way; it meant that there were no computer distractions for Rick while moving, so he was a great help while moving, he also took a week off, I don’t know how we would of done it without that time.
The weekend before last was the Scrapboxx retreat, Max and I stayed an extra night down there as we were exhausted and didn’t want to drive 4 hours home to Perth tired. The classes were a huge hit and Max and I learned a couple of hard lessons as to how much we put into our classes and what we get in return.
We got internet access yesterday and now there is a rush for the computer. I will post some more over the next day or so.
Sending Love,,, Audrey xx


Anonymous said...

I have missed your blog, glad you are back! Hope the back is ok. Take care. xx cathy

Jaimie Emmerton said...

Hi Orgy - hope your back is on the mend and you are enjoying your new home. Spoke to Max the other day - the retreat sounded like fun ...

be safe

Jaimie xxx

Ev said...

glad to see you back online. Sorry to hear about your could have done with the retreat after the move. We need a catch up before Chrissy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Auds

Laurene and I had a blast at the retreat. Arrived home safely and very tired lol. Sorry to hear about your back, I hope you get better soon.


Red Dog Stamping said...

Hiya Audrey

Sorry about your back. Had a great time at the Retreat. What did you learn about the classes? Hope you are going to say that they were well worth all the effort cause they were absolutely fantastic... but then again it could be just because we did them so well.

Take care of yourself


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